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Our Company

Yiwu Jarso Fitness Co.,Ltd is located at the World’s largest small commodity wholesale market – Yiwu city. It is also a comprehensive manufacturer integrating innovation, design, sampling and production. With advanced technology and World first-class design concept ,we are a manufacture of sports wear for 10 years. we could produce leggings, tank top,T shirt, sports shorts, sports bra. Mesh leggings, capri leggings, yoga leggings, women leggings, women yoga leggings, high waist leggings, yoga capri, mesh capri, women capri, yoga tights, mesh tights,which mainly sold to North & South America ,the EU ,Japan, Czech Republic, Austria, Australia etc the other countries and regions. We cling to the idea of “Creating Together, Sharing Success” to expand Bussiness with the spirit of “creation and innovation”.Yiwu Jarso has made great progresses, based on good quality products, tireless efforts from our employees and mainly our customers’ trust and support. Besides,we really hope more customers from mainland and abroad will develop fashion activewear business together with us, and hope to have an opportunity to establish stable business relationships with you.


Our vision is to offer a comprehensive range of workout clothing that continues to meet the needs of its international consumer base. Our values define us as a company. They form a coherent set of principles that are relevant across our business and underpin everything we do. They are Integrity, Originality, Long-term focus, and Quality.We believe that exercising plays vital role in both our physical and mental well-being. Thus, we aim to bring awareness to that.We aren’t guaranteed a life of perfection or wellness, but our choices make us who we are and shape us into people we want to become. We’re in this journey together!

Fitness Wear Manufacturers in China

As fitness wear manufacturers in China, we are an expert maker of athletic wear that caters to global fitness suppliers. Our area of expertise is creating unique outfits for sports, yoga, gyms, training, jogging, and leisure wear. Function, style, and performance materials are all combined here, putting us at the forefront of the fitness-fashion revolution. However, we as yoga leggings manufacturers, have developed an economical approach that enables our clients to obtain premium performance apparel at a reasonable cost.

We, as fitness wear manufacturers in China, prioritize sustainability throughout our production process by embracing eco-conscious practices. However, we want to lessen our environmental impact while producing superb yoga clothing that appeals to ethical customers. We do this by employing eco-friendly materials and ethical production techniques. We, as a china yoga clothes manufacturer, think it’s important to form enduring relationships with our clients. 

China Yoga Clothes Manufacturer

We, as a china yoga clothes manufacturer, provide yoga apparel solutions that represent your brand identity and appeal to your target market, whether you’re a merchant, fitness brand, or yoga studio. As a leading producer of premium athletic apparel, our business serves customers worldwide who demand the best possible fit, performance, and style. We, as a china yoga clothes manufacturer, provide a wide selection of fitness clothing that satisfies the needs of today’s active lifestyle, all while maintaining a dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design.

Our modern facilities in China are designed to meet the highest requirements for production. We, as fitness wear manufacturers in China, design sturdy, useful, and stylish fitness clothing using cutting-edge technology and superior materials. Every item of clothing we produce is guaranteed to satisfy international standards. Mainly through our strict quality control procedures, which also assure longevity and outstanding performance. Our extensive product line includes everything. Thus, from yoga clothing to running gear, exercise sets, and athleisure clothing to suit different types of fitness. 

Featured Products

Leggings - JS01
Leggings - JS02
Bra - JS01
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2023 New Tie-Dye Aurora Buttock Lifting Seamless Yoga Pants Tight Sports Pants.
High Support Push Up Workout Yoga Bra Quick Dry Shockproof Gym Tops Beauty Back Cross Back Sports Bra


We started Jarso Fitness with the mission to provide fashionable yet functional active wear that is suitable for all types of sports and activities in order to create a healthy lifestyle well-being for all people .We seek to encourage more people around the globe to pursue an active lifestyle that promotes health and well-being. We believes in providing quality technical clothes that help people stay comfortable when engaging in physical activities, allowing them to focus on what matters — achieving excellence.


Yiwu Jarso is a yoga and exercise apparel company, whose business strategy is based on marketing a lifestyle rather than a product. We’re offerings include articles of clothing such as pants, tops, shorts, and jackets that people can wear as they engage in fitness activities such as running and yoga.Our brand which blends of youthful energy and enthusiasm with experience and expertise.


This global approach has enabled Jarso Yoga Wear to become a recognized brand worldwide, further solidifying its position as a leading player in the fitness and athleisure market.


The keys for success of the company are


1.Build Customer Loyalty
One of the important keys to business success is loyalty to its customers. Building loyalty to and from customers can take a significant length of time. But once established, it can ensure consistent revenue and referrals by satisfied customers. So, be diligent and consistent at what developing relationships.
2.Key Goal
Every business must have a growth plan. Growth must be the goal of all your business activities. You should have a goal to grow 10 percent, 20 percent, or even 30 percent each year.
3. Continuous R&D and Innovation:
Yiwu Jarso focus on the fabric R&D, as well as the styles innovation, we launch out 3000 different style yoga clothing each year to meet all kinds of requirements.


Yiwu Jarso mainly sold to North & South America ,the EU ,Japan, Czech Republic, Austria, Australia etc the other countries and regions. We cling to the idea of “Creating Together, Sharing Success” to expand business with the spirit of “creation and innovation”.

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